What is a Communication Platform?


A communication platform entails software that enables internal and external messaging. The software uses different elements like phone, video conferencing, task management and messaging. As the years have passed, Technology has eating to project management, filesharing and customer communication functionality. Newer technological development facilities instant messaging and calling. The rationale behind deploying a communication platform is to enable security for employees during messaging. The elementary focus is to help employees concentrate on their work and deliver.

What is a Communication Platform

Numerous people exist in the team. A communication platform eases the process of reaching out to the right employee. The most common examples of communication software are unified communications as a service, communication platform as a service and contact centre as a service. Communication platforms streamline the coordination method and operate through the internet. One does not need to install any surplus hardware. It also has a back in the security configuration.

Different Types Of Communication Platforms

Are numerous different types of a communication platform that simplify the way one works. They are:

1. Internal communications

Internal communications occur in real-time and engage employees, supervisors and authorised partners. The most prominent examples of internal communication platforms are text messaging, group chats and VoIP calls.

The most rudimentary expectations from an internal communications platform are reliability, security and compliance. Employees can enter dialogue without exchanging their numbers.

2. Customer communications

Customer communications, as the name, suggests assisting customers in keeping them gratified and content—the most common examples of customer communications or live chats, support tickets and other interactions. The main job of these platforms is to organise different requests and track customer enquiry diligently. These days companies use artificial intelligence to help these processes calibrate. The company needs happy consumers to let it grow. Ex: Zendesk, Zoho desk.

3. Project management

A project management platform is imperative for people who have to meet deadlines. It possesses a management tool that helps people track their performance and prioritise goals. Also facilitates product launches, different marketing campaigns, manages the Wenders, takes care of the sales, et cetera. The platform is equipped to handle projects and brings them down into smaller parts to perform better. The different people in the team can make timely updates regarding their finished jobs, progress and other timelines. Most companies have business setbacks during work because of not having a platform that keeps them on track.

4. Collaboration tools

When there is a project involved, it takes a village to calibrate it triumphantly. There are numerous people on board, and hence people need collaboration tools to enable successful mission and implementation. These tools allow people to share their screens and share documents while working. You can also virtually exchange their ideas and stay on top of the new developments. Google Drive is an excellent example of collaboration tools. It evades the trouble of back-and-forth emails or meeting in person.

5. Video conferencing

Video conferencing has become an intrinsic part of our lives since removed jobs were popularised. One cannot imagine residing in a world where zoom meetings did not exist. Are use them to host meetings, present new products and also host webinars. Using video conferencing is exceedingly rudimentary and can occur with the click of a few buttons.


Hence, communication tools are essential and are becoming a part of our lives now more than ever.


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