How Healthcare and Financial Services Have Embraced VDI


Instead of using the physical desktop computers, one can easily create some virtualized instances of desktops over his/her on-premise or on the cloud data center.

Employees can have easy access to these Virtual Machines or VMs from their homes or office at a time and any type of device of their choice. VDI has various benefits to offer its users. The healthcare and financial services have completely embraced VDI for some much better results.

How healthcare and financial services have embraced VDI

Benefits that VDI offers to the healthcare sector and how healthcare is embracing it

The VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure has created a place for itself in the IT infrastructure related to healthcare. Continuous access to those important electronic health data through the cloud can represent the first step to improve the mobility of the workplaces of the healthcare sectors.

VDI can take it one step further by offering the end-users some important access to their desktops with the help of any type of mobile device that is secure. Access to those personal desktops with the help of those mobile devices can easily save a lot of your time on retrieving the crucial information and also in logging into those cloud service interfaces.

Recently many industries are starting to embrace this special technology known as VDI because the modern corporate culture is going towards a lifestyle that is mobile. The healthcare industry can be able to gain some really important benefits from this special mobilization.

The opportunity to provide the patients with the care that is more personalized by accessing their correct records through the phone, bedside, or even in the exam rooms offers users an experience related to healthcare that is modern, and thus the patients are beginning to appreciate the efforts of those healthcare staff.

There are many factors that are supporting the growth of healthcare VDI. Some of those are the rapidly increasing demand for zero clients within the facilities related to healthcare, the need for accurate and streamlined desktop management while enhancing the user mobility experience.

How the financial services have embraced VDI

As VDI offers various types of benefits to its users, nowadays, the financial service sectors are embracing VDI. VDI can offer those sectors the benefits like:

● Can be accessed remotely: Virtual desktops are one kind of secure and easily manageable option for accessing remotely. VDI can open some considerable opportunities for those financial institutions navigating the ever-changing landscape that can be remote, in-office, and all other types of workforces.

● A flexible way: As a virtual desktop is not attached to a specific machine, the user can have easy access to their own custom desktop on any kind of machine. For example, if the tellers do not work at the same branch or window, they can have access to that same device from anywhere. Also, if a user’s machine is malfunctioning, then they do not have to waste time while setting up a new machine.

● Cost-saving: Various firms that are able to implement a special VDI solution for a good amount of money on desktops or laptops. Existing devices can have longer life past the traditional recommendation of three to five years, as the task of computing is reduced nowadays on the local machine.

When the time comes for refreshing a device, many firms that choose VDI to purchase computers with limited internal resources, or thin clients or optimized for the connection with an environment that is server-based, as all of these are less costly than those desktops or laptops which need better computing power and larger hard drives.
Therefore, for its numerous benefits and easy access, both the healthcare and financial sectors are embracing VDI to work comfortably.


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