Step by Step Guidelines for HP Printer Setup

Whenever we talk about printers; HP® is always the most suggested name which is preferred by a good number of users. HP® is an American industry which develops and manufactures numerous software and hardware components of the computer system. One of the top products of HP® is printers. HP® provides various types of printers such as laser printer, inkjet printer, DMP printer, pocket printer, etc. The best thing about HP® printers is that you are getting a quality printer in a good range. Another good thing about HP® Printer is that they are compatible with most of the device so you do not have to worry about device compatibility. If you are using Windows device then you may get the inbuilt print driver. But if you don’t then you have to download the print driver according to your printer type.

Here are the steps for HP Wireless Printer Setup

You have to set Windows Update to automatic download driver

  1. Go to Change device installation setting
  2. Hit the Yes button
  3. Tap on Save Changes

Now you have to connect the HP printer with your device

  1. Connect via USB
  2. Ensure that your device is working and you are working on the smooth internet connection
  3. Turn on your HP® Printer
  4. Now connect your printer with your device with the help of USB cable (make sure you are using a high-speed USB)
  5. You will get a Found new hardware popup on the screen
  6. Hit the allow button
  7. Your driver will get installed in the system

In case, you are unable to use the device then you can try to connect the printer with Wi-Fi.

  1. Take your HP® printer near to your computer
  2. Make sure your printer, computer, and router are in working condition
  3. Disconnect USB or Ethernet from the printer
  4. Open printer control panel
  5. Click on Setup
  6. Hit the Wireless Setup Wizard
  7. Wait for completing the setup

If you are still facing queries while installing printer setup then you can contact 123 HP Setup. You can also try setting up the connection via a network.

  1. Turn on HP® printer
  2. Connect the cable to the printer and router
  3. Now try to install the setup

The other good option can be installing the printer driver from the CD. You will get a printer driver CD with your printer. You can easily copy the setup into your device and then run the setup. After installing the HP® printer driver in your device; you can easily take printouts.

Follow the given steps for taking a print out:

  1. Hit the Windows key and R key simultaneously
  2. A run dialog box will appear on the screen
  3. Type control
  4. Hit the Enter button
  5. Control Panel will appear on the screen
  6. Go to Devices and Printers
  7. Right-click on HP® printers
  8. Now click on Printer Properties
  9. Hit the Printer Test Page