How to Turn off Bitdefender Antivirus Temporarily in your Computer?

Bitdefender antivirus is a famous security software brand which is developed and distributed by a Romanian company named Bitdefender. This IT Company provides various cyber-security software programs and services. Bitdefender is well-known for offering network security tools. No doubt it provides numerous advanced services for protecting your device and data but in case of network security; no one can beat Bitdefender security tools. The powerful firewall and VPN of Bitdefender antivirus ensures that no threat can enter in your device.

If we talk about virus protection, the advanced virus detection tool takes care of your device. Whenever it detects any kind of malware lurking around your device; it quickly blocks all the inlets and then removes the malware. It also scans all the peripheral storages devices such as flash drives, CDs before loading. If the flash drive contains any virus it immediately tells the user and does not load the CD or flash drive. But sometimes this feature can be bothersome especially when the flash drive is containing some important data but the Bitdefender antivirus is blocking it. At that time, many people think How to Turn off Bitdefender and then quickly uninstall Bitdefender for accessing the file. After then, they have to reinstall the antivirus. But there is also an easy way of accessing the file. You can simply Disable Bitdefender antivirus. With this method, you don’t have to uninstall your antivirus.

How to Temporarily Disable Bitdefender?

Follow the mentioned steps for disabling your Bitdefender antivirus:

  1. Open your device
  2. Click on Bitdefender icon from the desktop
  3. Your Bitdefender dashboard will appear on the screen
  4. Click on Protection window
  5. Go to Shield Tab
  6. Turn off Bitdefender Shield
  7. You will be asked about the disabling period
  8. If you want to stop Bitdefender temporarily until you use your computer then choose until system restart
  9. If you want to Turn-off Bitdefender until you manually enable it then you have to choose permanently (You can easily enable your antivirus anytime you want)
  10. Now go to Drives and devices
  11. Hit the Scan mapped network drives
  12. Click on disabled
  13. Go back to Protection features
  14. Now hit the Setting button
  15. Click on Online Threat Prevention
  16. Go to Web Protection tab
  17. Click on Web Attack Prevention
  18. Hit the Off button
  19. Click on Search Advisor
  20. Switch it to off
  21. Go to Encryption Web Scan
  22. Click on Off
  23. Open Phishing protection
  24. Hit the Off button

How to Disable Bitdefender firewall?

Many times, the firewall blocks various URLs which are not malicious but seems suspicious to your antivirus. At that time, you have to disable your firewall.

Steps for disabling Firewall and other advanced features of Bitdefender:

  1. Go to Protection Features
  2. Click on Firewall
  3. Toggle the button to off
  4. Go to Advanced Threat Defense
  5. Switch it off
  6. Click on Vulnerability menu
  7. Toggle it to off
  8. Go to Ransomware Remediation
  9. Click on off

From the privacy screen you can also disable other features such as parental control, webcam protection, password manager, etc. But disabling antivirus is not recommendable; after completing your work ensures to enable the protection.