How to Troubleshoot Norton Error Code 8504?


Norton is one of the most reliable and well-known security software vendors which provide various security suites for device and data protection. Norton products are acknowledged for providing robust protection. You merely encounter any issues while using Norton antivirus. Norton developers perform the continuous test while developing the website for making the antivirus bug free. But run-time errors can’t be detected during developing because these errors usually occur due to other factors. One of the common run-time errors you might encounter while using Norton is Norton Error 8504. This is an installation error which can occur due to various reasons. Some scenarios are mentioned below:

How to Troubleshoot Norton<sup>™</sup> Error Code 8504

  • Norton 8504 and 104 error can occur when you are trying to install Norton but you have other security software installed on the device.
  • When you are trying to install Norton but the installation process gets failed due to some reasons such as low device space etc and you will get an error message stating that Norton Internet Security has encountered an Error 8504 104.
  • When you are trying to upgrade your Norton plan but failed. There can be various other reasons for getting Norton Security Error 8504 and 104.

Types of Norton Error Code 8504:

• Norton Error 8504 0
• Norton Error 8504 5
• Norton Error 8504 100
• Norton Error 8504 101
• Norton Error 8504 102
• Norton Error 8504 106

Ways to troubleshoot Norton Error 8504

Here are some top and easy ways of fixing Norton 8504 and 104:

Remove other security software from your device

If you have any other security software in your device then you have to remove it from the device before installing Norton antivirus. Follow the mentioned step for removing security software from the system:

i. Hit the start menu
ii. Go to Control Panel
iii. Click on Uninstall from the Programs
iv. You will get a list of installed programs
v. Choose the program you want to uninstall
vi. Hit the Uninstall button

Now, restart your device and provide fresh Norton installation.

Use Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool

Sometimes you can get this error due to corrupt download and installation. With this tool, you can remove and reinstall Norton easily. This tool will uninstall Norton and remove all remaining files from your device.

i. Download Norton Remove and Reinstall tool
ii. Install and run the tool
iii. Go to Advanced options
iv. Hit Remove Only button
v. Now tap the Remove button
vi. Restart your device

Use Norton Auto Fix Tool

Many Norton errors can easily get fixed by using Norton AutoFix Tool. Run the AutoFix tool and then check whether the error gets fixed or not. If not then you may have to seek other solutions.

Runtime error can be encountered due to device incompatibility or outdated software and graphic card. Before installing Norton antivirus; make sure that all device drivers, graphics card, Operating System, and programs are updated. An outdated function can get you into issues from time to time. You can contact Norton and ask for technical support for fixing queries related to Norton antivirus.

You can also visit direct Norton website to complete your setup or call at 000 800 100 7601.


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