How to Fix Norton Security Live Update Failed to Complete Error?


Whenever we talk about security software, Norton antivirus never left behind. You can say it is the most globally known antivirus program which has maximum numbers of satisfied customers. Norton not only has a huge name but also provides advanced tools which make it one of the most reliable and robust antivirus programs in the world. But like other software, you may get few bugs on this antivirus. If we talk about issues, Norton Security Live Update Failed is a common type of error which is faced by many Norton users. But this error can be fixed by using a few simple steps.


Here we have mentioned some common solutions for fixing Norton Live Update Not Working Windows 10 error

Disable Windows Defender

If you are using Windows 10, you will get inbuilt security software in your device which is known as Windows Defender. But as you know, multiple security software programs can create various conflicting issues. As Windows Defender is inbuilt antivirus but usually it does not create conflict with third-party security software programs. But there are cases where Windows Defender is creating certain issues for other antivirus programs. If your Norton Antivirus Live Update is not working then you should try disabling Windows Defender. Follow the steps given below for disabling Windows defender:

  1. Go to Windows Search bar
  2. Type regedit
  3. Hit the Enter button
  4. Go to Microsoft Windows Defender
  5. Click on Disable AntiSpyware
  6. Enter value 1
  7. If you don’t get any file then click on New DWORD 32 Value
  8. Now set the value as 1
  9. Close Registry Editor
  10. Restart your device
  11. Now try to do Norton Live Update; if you getting the same error again then you should try some other solutions.

Reinstall Norton Antivirus

You can also get errors if your program files get corrupted. The program files corruption can occur due to deletion of program files or malware infection. The best way for fixing this error can be reinstalling Norton antivirus. You can use the remove and reinstall tool for this job. You can also manually uninstall the Norton and then provide fresh installation. But with the tool, you can easily reinstall Norton. Follow the steps for reinstalling Norton antivirus with Remove and Reinstall tool:

  1. Open web browser
  2. Search for Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool
  3. Download and install Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool
  4. Hold the Shift key and hit the restart button
  5. Your device will restart in the advanced menu
  6. Click on Troubleshoot button
  7. Choose Advanced options
  8. Tap the Startup settings
  9. Now restart your device
  10. Click on safe mode
  11. Run Norton Remove and Reinstall tool
  12. Go to Program files
  13. Delete Norton folder
  14. Now restart your device in normal mode
  15. Download Norton
  16. Install Norton and then try to do a live update

How to update Norton Internet Security?

Steps for updating Norton Internet Security:

  1. Go to your Norton account
  2. Sign-in for Norton
  3. You will be redirected to Norton page
  4. Now go to Device Security
  5. Tap the Update button
  6. Wait for completing the update process
  7. Restart your device

Now provide a powerful scan to your system and prevent all the threats lurking around your device and data.

You can also visit direct Norton website to complete your setup or call at 000 800 100 7601.


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